28 décembre 2005

The last PR you'll ever get

From an article in the Coloumbus Ledger-Enquirer:

Dean Davisson spent his career as a public relations executive creating buzz -- but it took retirement for him to start putting a spin on life itself.
Davisson, 84, spends his days crafting free obituaries for dozens of not-yet-dead fellow senior citizens at the 18,000-resident Leisure World in Laguna Woods, a retirement community so large that it is an incorporated city.
Davisson's dabblings in the delicate art of obit writing have become a must-have in a place where an average of one person dies each day.
His slogan: Have the last word first. (...)
He first thought to offer free obituary writing three years ago, after a former boss requested that Davisson prepare his eulogy.(...)

Every day I'm reminded that there are businesses you can get into that haven't been filled yet.

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