7 décembre 2005

Federal election (day 8)

  • Libs finally deliver an election promise (on child care; how's that for reacting?) and it dominates the news.
  • What was Harper talking about yesterday? Oh yeah, fisheries.
  • It seems that the Liberals think they are right in pacing themselves and that Harper might "burn people out" with his daily announcements. "OK, it isn't that we don't have ideas, it isn't that we've been caught flat-footed by the Conservative strategy, it's that this is a long campaign and we're going to keep our powder dry." OK, whatever.
  • Whole bunch of numbers in this Ipsos Reid poll, conducted for the National Post, CanWest News Service and Global National.

Why hasn't Harper had a bigger boost after dominating the news in the first week? Maybe because it's only been a week?

Allan Gregg, head of the Strategic Counsel, says it better: "There's a sheen of cynicism that coats all political attitudes and people are very savvy to the extent that they think what happens in a campaign is that politicians are doing those things to curry favour. But if I was advising him (Heraper), I'd say, 'We just gotta keep on doing it.'" Anyways, both Harper and Partin need makeovers he says.

I think quotes like "This is just like a caucus meeting, by the way" delivered while making his child-care funding announcement at a sometimes-raucous day-care centre in Ottawa or his reply that "Let me just say -- take it as you will -- you look no different than usual" to Paul Wells's question about if he (Paul) looked weird to him (Stephen) through the teleprompter screen, will go a long way in humanizing Harper. (Although the teleprompter has to go.)

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