4 décembre 2005

Federal election (day 5)

Saturday was a quiet day on the electoral front.

  • Paul Martin took a break. One presumes/hopes his staff didn't.
  • Stephen Harper went right again with his proposals concerning his party's "criminal justice agenda with promises of mandatory prison sentences, stiffer fines and an end of conditional sentences."
  • Capitalizing on the fact that the United Nations' conference on climate change is happening in Montreal this week, Gilles Duceppe announced the Bloc would donate $25 for each tonne of greenhouse gases emitted by the campaign buses and planes that the campaign will use (about $8 per 100 kilometres the campaign travels by bus and $2.75 to $4.50 per passenger for each 1,000 km travelled by plane) to the environmental group Unisfera. He obviously invited leaders of the other parties to do the same. It'll work out to a few thousand dollars total. A great investment! Even provicial Liberal Environment minister Thomas Mulclair applauded Duceppe's move.
On another note:
  • It seems the journalists following the Liberals are thinking of calling their plane the Mayday.

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