16 décembre 2005

Debate #2 running commentary

7:55 Five minutes till the debate. God, I don’t know why I’m doing this.
8:00 “An event that could make all the difference,” says Peter Mansbridge. Could but won’t.
8:01 “Our debate.” Cool, I guess.
8:02 Paul Martin: economy, health care, cutting taxes… We’ll disagree.” Well I hope.
8:03 Gilles Duceppe: sponsorship scandal. Cultural communities.” Good stuff.
8:04 Jack Layton: we were and are useful. Ed Broadbent. (Isn’t he retired?) Different from Cons and Lib. OK
8:05 Stephen Harper: new government, policies for you the ordinary people, real change, and real action.
8:07 Question for Harper on gay marriage. He does ok. It’s a simple issue, he says.
8:08 PM: I’ll defend all rights, not just those I agree with.
8:09 JL: Calls the questioner Pat. Accuses the others of playing politics. Nice.
8:10 GD: The religion of some should not impact the rights others. Nice quote.
8:12 JL: reminds us that a lot of Libs voted against gay marriages.
8:13 SH: “There’s a contradiction between me and PM.” Forget all the rest, they’re irrelevant.
8:15 Question on guns to Paul Martin: He disagrees (without saying so) with the questioner. All least now he speaking on policy.
8:16 GD: the Libs have reduced the number of border guards and reminds us of the gun registry scandal.
8:18 JL: “Gilles Duceppe is right.”
8:20 PM “I had a great conversation with two young men in Toronto.” Nice, he speaks to real people. Cool.
8:21 SH “When people commit serious crime, they should do serious time.”
8:22 JL Nice, specific proposals. But not credible when he says an NDP government.
8:24 SH “It won’t be a quick fix.” Then how can he put in a wait-time guarantee?
8:25 PM “We have to insure that the patient is at the center of health care.” That means nothing. “The system is working.” It is?
8:28 PM has a bunch of solutions: where was he the last few years?
8:29 GD “Father knows best.” Funny.
8:29 An immigrant ask question about recognising immigrants’ diplomas.
8:30 GD: blah. This was missed occasion for him. That’s exactly the clientele he’s shooting for tonight.
8:31 JL: he looks like believes what he’s saying.
8:34 Described as a “she,” a “he” asks the question on ethics.
8:35 PM “We turned it (the Gomery report) to the RCMP.”
8:38 JL “Broadbent plan.” He’s not even running!!!
8:44 JL “Broadbent plan.” He does it again on the crossing-the-aisle issue. He’s not even running!!!
8:45 PM: Asks SH a direct question. Hmmmm.
8:45 SH: “I feel your frustration more than anyone else.”
8:50 GD: “The Libs were against free trade. They were against the GST.” “Between not keeping a promise and doing the opposite, there’s an ocean. And that ocean is called the Liberals.”
8:52 8:38 JL “Broadbent last speech in the House.” STOP IT!!! He’s not running.
9:06 SH “I still have family there (Eastern Canada).”
9:07 JL “We have the same roots.”
9:08 The moderator even kids about it.
9:16 JL went too long and spoke for a few seconds without a mike.
9:18 “I’m a physically challenged mature adult” asks a question about GST vs. income taxes.
9:31 PM: “Quebecers want to be recognised.” Isn’t that what Meech was about?
9:32 SH: “I want to work with Mr. Charest.” Hey Stephen, Jean Charest isn’t real popular these days.
9:35 GD reminds us that all parties in Quebec (not just sovereignists) are against the clarity bill. He also calls Jean Charest a prime mister. He’s a premier.
9:36 PM is alive. “You’re not going to win (a referendum).”
9:45 GD “The West wants in. Quebec wants out.”
9:47 JL got cut off again.
9:47 PM got cut off too.
9:55 Closing statements. First PM. “Build on what we have done.”
9:56 JL “Expensive promises from the others. But did they work for you or their friends?” Doesn’t “an NDP MP” sound funny.
9:57 GD “The Liberals must be sanctioned. I invite all Quebecers.”
9:58 SH Nice iteration of differences between them and the Libs.
9:59 Funny how they all said “Merry Christmas” except for the moderator who said “Happy holidays.”
10:00 AT LAST!

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Martyne l'intellex a dit...

Si jamais quelqu'un fait une recherche à propos d'un résumé du débat, je ne doute pas une seconde qu'il sera comblé (pour le résumé, surement pas pour le débat) avec celui-ci.
Joyeuses Fêtes !

Anonyme a dit...

Merci, ça me permet à mon tour de voir un résumé d'un débat que je n'Ai pas écouté!