13 décembre 2005

Federal election (day 14)

Where they were and what they said:

* Stephen Harper promised a tax credit for young athletes in Buckingham, Quebec. “Government needs to give working families a break,” Harper said. “We need to help families so that cost is not a barrier to keeping children active.” Points for health. Points for taxes. Points for families. Very good proposal.

* Gilles Duceppe explained his agriculture policy.
He also came out in favour of the LNI in the debate about the Liberal ads inspired by the Quebec improv group. Backstory on that is here.

* Jack Layton "announced the NDP’s plan to improve child care in Canada and measures to fight child poverty."

In other news:

* Scott Reid's comment about "beer and popcorn" has been blogged about at least 125 times according to Technorati.

* Revolutionary Moderation's Gaffe-o-Meter puts the Liberals in front. (That's not a good thing for them.)

* Latest SES-CPAC rolling poll (completed Sunday) tells us that Conservatives are down by 1%, all others unchanged. Liberals' lead now at 8%.

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