29 octobre 2004

Dan Gillmor's criticism of a PR pitch...

So Dan Gillmor offers his criticism of a PR pitch. Rightfully so, by the way. Why would someone pitch a blogger on an anti-blogging tool?

What happens? Everyone else in the world links to it!!!

Get it now nameless PR agency?

26 octobre 2004

Steve Flanagan's blog

Everyone, give a warm welcome to Steve Flanagan, one of my competitors :-)

Steve is well known in the Quebec PR market for the crisis management of a huge blackout we had up here a few years back. Steve was the spokesperson for Hydro-Quebec, our electricity utility.

Bienvenue à bord Steve.

25 octobre 2004

Institute for Crisis Management releases most recent report

I've been following the ICM's reports for a few years now. Their most recent report can be found here.

Main crisis in 2003: the blackout in the northeastern United States and SARS in Canada and elsewhere.

There are many different stats in there that are very interesting.

Donovan Bailey makes me blog for the first time in months

In fact, it's this story this story on Yahoo! that made me do it.
TORONTO (CP) - Donovan Bailey (news - web sites), former world's fastest human, is taking a run at corporate networking, public relations and business development as vice-president of Sparrowtech Multimedia Corp.
Now the fact that Donovan Bailey "has a keen interest in corporate relations" is fine with me. I'm sure it's maybe even true. But when Sparrowtech Multimedia head honcho Cornelia Volino says that his new vice-president "is well respected in the national and international business community" I really feel like gaging.

What a way to undermine the value of my chosen profession.

Edit #1: Just found Sparrowtech's release and it isn't much better:
Sparrowtech is currently in the design and development stage of a premier national and international servicing vehicle with effective cross media platforms featuring leading edge hospitality networking, products and resources.
And no, I'm not exactly sure what it means either.