1 décembre 2005

Federal election (day 3)

  • Wow. Lowering the GST from 7% to 5% is a bold early-election promise. It certainly brings the debate on the Conservative's turf. I was sure that they would limit themselves to Gomery-isms for the first week. Hmmm, could they do better than expected? We'll see. Politically, it's a winner.
  • Ralph Goodale came out swinging claiming (falsely) that reducing the GST favours the rich. Paul Martin once claimed in an April 9, 1990 press release that "the GST is a "regressive and unfair tax lon living, which will harm the economy by squeezing consumer buying power creating an administrative nightmare for small businesses." So? Which one is it?
  • Gilles Duceppe wants Quebec-born sport stars to play in international competition for Quebec, not for Canada. I'm presuming we're going to start with hockey . Oh, I see he wants a Quebec national teams in soccer too. Seriously, I think this is going to backfire. I can't imagine that a single person will switch their vote to the Bloc on this issue (and that's the goal; pun intended) and some people might be turned away by the over-the-top-ness of the idea. The Habs are hosting the Sabres tonight; I imagine a lot of guys'll be getting asked what they think about it.
  • Today, Paul Martin was in Cornwall. Yesterday, Domtar announced that more than 900 of their Cornwall-based employees would be laid off. Talk about bad luck! Anyways, the Libs changed the schedule around to get the mayor to meet the PM. They forgot to incite the union reps who showed up anyways. Eck. Another bad day.
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