3 décembre 2005

Federal election (day 4)

  • Good day for the Liberals: Buzz Hargrove almost endorsed them. "This minority government, deserves to go back to Ottawa with even bigger numbers," he said. Keyword: minority. Some 280,000 members that support Liberals in ridings that don't have a chance of electing NDPers is good news for Paul Martin.
  • It's also very bad news for Jack Layton who's been saying that Canadians shouldn't vote Liberal to help stop the Conservatives. "Don't waste your vote on the Liberals," he said yesterday morning in Regina.
  • Ordinary day for the Conservatives. I don't think that Canadians are going to believe that politicians are going "to reduce waiting times for medical treatment." Particularly not federal politicians. Particularly not when their support of a universal, free and public health systen has been doubted in the past.

On another (lighter) note:

  • Revolutionary Moderation has a Gaffe-o-Meter online. Rules and a recap from the preding election are here. Funny.
  • There's a tradition where the journalists name the campaign plane (or bus, for the Bloc). Those following the NDP are leaning towards Been Thair, because the first couple of events are errily similar to events in the 2004 campaign. For the Conservative plane, two names have chosen, Je Ne Sais Quoi fAIRe (for when travelling in Quebec) and Mr. Happy's Flying Circus (for the rest of Canada)

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Anonyme a dit...

La campagne est longue. On sent que les partis réservent le meilleur pour après la période des fêtes. Les journées ordinaires, sinon banales, ne risquent donc pas de manquer d'ici le jour du scrutin.