9 décembre 2005

Federal election (day 10)

OK, so I skipped a day. Sue me.

What happened yesterday?

* Paul Martin announced a five-point plan including a ban on all handguns. Considering the gun registry scandal, I don't how much this is going to help them politically. Even more so when, and Harper and Layton have a point here, it's the crime that's the problem, not the gun itself.
* This is double bad news for Layton. 1) He should be in front of this issue and no one else. 2) Toronto mayor David Miller, a long-time New Democrat, joins Buzz Hargrove, of the Canadian Autoworkers, and Ken Georgetti, of the Canadian Labour Congress, in applauding the Liberals: "I could not think of a more important announcement for the people of Toronto than the banning of handguns."

And on a lighter note:

* Rick Mercer sums up the first week of the campaign from the PM's viewpoint.

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