9 décembre 2005

Federal election (day 10)

OK, so I skipped a day. Sue me.

What happened yesterday?

* Paul Martin announced a five-point plan including a ban on all handguns. Considering the gun registry scandal, I don't how much this is going to help them politically. Even more so when, and Harper and Layton have a point here, it's the crime that's the problem, not the gun itself.
* This is double bad news for Layton. 1) He should be in front of this issue and no one else. 2) Toronto mayor David Miller, a long-time New Democrat, joins Buzz Hargrove, of the Canadian Autoworkers, and Ken Georgetti, of the Canadian Labour Congress, in applauding the Liberals: "I could not think of a more important announcement for the people of Toronto than the banning of handguns."

And on a lighter note:

* Rick Mercer sums up the first week of the campaign from the PM's viewpoint.

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TomLyons a dit...

The Federation of Metro Tenants an NDP group is endorsing Liberal Jane Pitfield for mayor.

They are saying that David Miller has proven himself against tenants with his new garbage recyclying levy against poor tenants in highrises.

They also say Miller refused to renew his NDP membership in 2005.