4 avril 2007

Un autre qui est sceptique au sujet de Second Life

Cette fois, c'est Eric Kintz, vice-président, Global Marketing Strategy & Excellence chez HP qui est d'accord avec moi et en désaccord avec mon ami Michel Leblanc.

Il nomme dix raisons:
#1. The technology is still too complex.
#2. The model is not yet scaleable.
#3. The subscriber statistics are misleading.
#4. The model’s scaleability is further threatened by a corporate IT backlash.
#5. The content is primarily adult oriented.
#6. Brands are underestimating the investments required.
#7. Brands are not staying true to the Second Life values.
#8. Second Life experiences are not integrated with the overall brand experience.
#9. Potential revenues and profits are limited.
#10. I barely have time for my first life...
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