25 janvier 2006

Slate's Jack Shafer on PR officers

When asked by PRWeek "How do you feel about PR pros?" by PRWeek, Jack Shafer, the editor-at-large and media critic at Slate Magazine answers:
Well, I have found, with only rare exceptions, that PR officers are impediments to journalism. They are the people who man the barricades(...). I don't feel bad about saying this, as I don't think PR people like me any more than I like them. (...) I just want to call up the person I want to talk to and not go through this incredibly long dance with a PR officer in order to get to my quarry.
Well Jack, if you didn't consider the people you want to interview as quarries (which Merriam-Webster defines as one that is sought or pursued : prey), maybe PR officers wouldn't be so defensive with you! I can find you a bunch of journalists that have thanked me numerous times for helping them out, and even saving their hide a couple of times. You could try being slightly more collaborative, you might see that things'll change.

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Anonyme a dit...

Well said, Marc. The charade of "us vs. them" is tired and I think is perpetuated by some journalists in the same way that Don Cherry perpetuates the myth that Canadian hockey players are superior to Europeans.

I too have had great relationships with journalists all over the country. Sometimes I'm very helpful to them and sometimes I'm not. But I'm honest every step of the way and I think that's what's appreciated. Is it too much to ask the same in return from a journalist?