20 janvier 2006

Ted Sorensen sur le secret de la rédaction de discours

Lors d'une récente rencontre du New York Speechwriter’s Roundtable, c'est (Theodore C.) Ted Sorensen, le rédacteur de discours de John F. Kennedy qui était l'invité.
“Speechwriting really comes down to four words and five lines. The four words: brevity, levity, charity and clarity.

Then the five lines are: Outline absolutely indispensable, always the best place to start. No. 2: headline, what do you want the headline to be? Third: Frontline, what’s the most important point, what do you move up to the front? Fourth, “Sideline,” put in a quotation from a poem, an allusion to history, a bit of eloquence or precedence from the past. Finally, the “Bottom line,” what is your conclusion?”
Cité de Grapevine, un newletter spécialisé pour les rédacteurs de discours.

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