6 janvier 2006

Let the piling on begin

This is what happens when a campaign starts faltering. A front-page above-the-fold article in La Presse titled "No panic, says Paul Martin" leading with (translated from French):
Liberal leader Paul Martin refuses to press the panic button even if polls show that the Conservatives are in the lead and could form the next government.
That on a day where he came out and promised some 7.5 billion dollars for education. Although that tidbit isn't mentioned in the article.

Except for the disastrous polls, what is mentioned you ask?
  • the two RCMP investigations are mentioned
  • the fact that he had to cover for Marc Garneau's most recent gaffe is mentioned
  • the fact that Keith Martin refused to participate in a joint press conference with his leader is mentioned
  • the Liberals' strange strategy for presenting excuses to the Chinese community (pissing off their press corps in the process) is mentioned
  • the Liberals' unauthorized leaks (a Chretien-ite is suspected) are mentioned.
Seriously when this type of coverage sets in, it's almost impossible to break out of.

We are pretty much out of the covering-the-issues part of the campaign and will have to settle for a covering-the-horserace-and-background-stuff part. I've been there and notwithstanding my inclinations, I feel for these people.

There'll be a huge amount of backstabbing in the coming weeks and months.

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