21 février 2007

Blogues pour agents d'immeubles

A lot of people ask me what kind of business would I start if you were starting a blogging business from scratch. Usually I scratch my head in awe and make up something like advertising. After pondering this for awhile I now understand the marketplace a lot better and understand some of the do’s and dont’s of blogging.

If I had to start a blogging business today I would enter the growing field of Real Estate Blogging. In a recent survey done by Blogging Systems, a leading real estate blogging service 68% of real estate agents said they would be focusing on blogs as a marketing tool in 2007!

Remember when real estate agents hired high schoolers to flyer homes? This was the old days. Now the tables and technology has grown and real estate agents understand the need to market online now more than ever. This is a unique situation for blogging companies and real estate agents.

According to Richard Nacht of Blogging Systems:
“Real estate blogs are an excellent way for real estate professionals to establish or expand their internet presence. The Internet is now the number one place for information for home buyers and sellers. If REALTORS® aren’t found online, there’s a good chance they won’t be found at all.”

More and more companies appear to be heading towards real estate blogging, and other web based marketing. One Phoenix Arizona company called Famous Agents helps realtors setup blogs and handle copywritting.

So if you ask me again what kind of business I would start if I had to start from scratch it would be Real Estate Blogging and I would do it NOW.

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