6 décembre 2006

Le site le plus populaire chez les jeunes? MySpace? NON!

Si vous avez récemment pensé que MySpace était le média social le plus populaire chez les jeunes, détompez-vous.

Une récente étude de jeunes américains de 17 à 25 ans, faite par Youth Trends, démontre que MySpace est deuxième chez les filles et sixième chez les gars, selon cet article publié par eMarketer.

C'est plutôt Facebook qui est en première place dans les deux cas.
"For the first time ever, Facebook was ranked number one among both men and women," a déclaré Josh Weil de Youth Trends. "Based on the findings, Facebook is more than likely to be their first visit of the day."
Il faut comprendre que l'un des vecteurs importants de la popularité des médias sociaux chez les jeunes, c'est leur institution scolaire. Comme ces statistiques sont celles d'octobre (le mois suivant la rentrée scolaire), ça augure bien pour Facebook.

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Anonyme a dit...

I'm not surprised. I'm in that demographic, and there is no doubt where my friends have themselves listed - the rate of adoption for Facebook is many, many times faster than MySpace, and MySpace had a head start. I have about 10 times more actual friends on Facebook than MySpace - most of my "friends" on MySpace aren't real friends at all; rather, they're celeb profiles, bands, and the like. And even then, I have far more associates on Facebook than MySpace.

I want to add that I think that while school is the centre of our young social lives, there's something to be said about the way Facebook uses hyperlinks as well. Most students are like me: grew up in one city or town and made friends from grade school to high school, moved to another city and made friends at college or university, and perhaps moved on to another another city for post-graduate studies or for employment. Facebook takes advantage of that by allowing users to join up to 5 networks to belong to. If I want to find friends from my hometown of Timmins, I just need to click on the hyperlink and I'll find tons of friends I knew from years ago who also listed Timmins as their hometown.