4 février 2006

Listening and Learning Through Blogging

Congratulations to Bob Langert, Senior Director for Corporate Social Responsibility at McDonald's.

He launched his blog a while back. When Shel Israel posted comments and suggestions, Bob answered them in a new post.

Great move Bob!

By the way, here are Shel's suggestions:
1. Start a conversation with your customers.
2. Talk about (real subjects).
3. Ask your customers what they want of you.
4. Drop the language of corpspeak.
5. Read other people's blogs. Join their conversations.
The fact that Bob answers Shel's suggestions proves that he's following Shel's suggestions. Considering the fact that Shel is the co-author of Naked Conversations with Robert Scoble, that's a good thing.

Update: After reading John Wagner's comments, my kudos to Bob stand but I feel obligated to add my congratulations to Shel on helping Bob out. John says and I agree: "Shel deserves credit for not just slamming and running, but by offering up expert advice in two separate posts."

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John Wagner a dit...


Thanks for the mention ... one of the things that's just so cool about blogging is the amount of expert advice that is available free.

Sharing of information -- like the way Shel did -- is what makes blogging so powerful.