12 février 2006

Are there gatekeepers on the Internet? Of course!

Doc Searls, one of the authors of The Cluetrain Manifesto, answers Tristan Louis's post The New Gateskeepers (extract: "For all that is being said about the democratizing effect of the blogosphere, the truth is that systems of hierarchies that have existed for thousands of years still exist in the online world.") by saying that "the Internet blew away the porches of membership."

That's not true. Yes Doc, it is easier make your ideas know in this democratized environment that is the Internet. That said, it is not an even playing field.

Compare it to a race. When you want your opinion to be known, it's a 100 meter dash. When I (or anyone else) want to have my opinion known, it's a marathon.

Saying the opposite is delusional. (Not necessarily cruel, like Seth Finkelstein said.)

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