8 février 2006

Help Phil with his presentation

Phil Gomes is working on a speech that he's giving to the New Communications Forum put on by the Society For New Communications Research.

Among the questions he's asking:

Most PR blogs are professionally focused. Far fewer, have a personal concentration, while some combine the two. Where are the boundaries?

My answer: They're whatever the blogger sets them out to be :-)

That said, what I'm finding out is that a lot of PR people blog on other subjects. I spent a little time researching blogs published by communicators here in Quebec (I extended it to graphic artists, advertising professionals, etc.). What I found is that a bunch of them blog on non-work related subjects.

In that list, you'll see AD HOC, blork blog, Brun Birdy, c'est Martin, Je suis Alex Lauzon, MartWorld, Shakylegs and 3:secondes (not totally safe for work) are all good examples. None of these focus on their work (although they're might be a work-related post once in a long while).

Vu d'ici - Seen from here: So you wanna be a rockstar? is closer to Phil's mix where there is almost as many work- and non-work-related stuff.

Now, what do we learn from that? I'm not sure. Although I was surprised that there would be that many non-work-related blogs (done by communicators), I'm ready to bet that my Quebec situation is mirrored elsewhere.

Anyone else have thoughts on that?

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Anonyme a dit...

Is it a question of focus while blogging?

My blog reflects my number of preoccupations/obsessions, and sort of revolves around an interest in PR and communications.

That may be the result of my background lacking formal PR training, a tip of the hat to my short attention span, or simply reflect the fact that I don't see my blog as strictly a career development tool.