25 mars 2004

When in crisis, use credible quotes

OK, every one knows about Coke's water (Dasani) having bromate problems in the UK, and about the company's decision to withdraw its product.

Now we learn that Dasani's launch is being delayed in France and Germany. Good decision. "You've gotta make sure everything is ok with the product." Makes sense right?

Well, that's not how Coke is spinning it.

Here are the quotes atributed to the company:

* "the timing is no longer considered optimal"
* the decision was also "due to the publicity issues of last week."
* "We're just doing what we think is right for our company and the brand at this time"

The two first quotes are just lame. It seems to me that it goes without saying that the timing isn't optimal and that there's a link with last week's events in the UK.

But the one that makes me want to scream is the last one. Couldn't Coke have tried someting along the lines of "We are confident that this situation will be resolved in a short time. We're just doing what we think is right for our clients at this time"?

Coke? Next time, try presenting confidence in the future and empathy for your clients.

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