18 février 2004

Ten Technical Communication Myths

Myth #1: Knowledge of Specific Tools Is Vitally Important
Myth #2: Sans Serif Fonts are Always More Legible Online
Myth #3: Audiences are Static
Myth #4: Minimalism Means Keeping Text as Short as Possible
Myth #5: The Optimum Number of Steps in a Procedure is 7 Plus or Minus 2
Myth #6: You Can Make a Bad Interface Easy to Use Through Superior Documentation
Myth #7: We Can't Talk to the SMEs
Myth #8: Usability Testing is Prohibitively Expensive and Difficult
Myth #9: Single-sourcing Means Dumping Printed Documents Online
Myth #10: Documentation is a Cost Center

Quoted from an article written by Geoff Hart in the August 2000 edition (V. 47, No. 3) of Technical Communication, the journal of the Society for Technical Communication. Thanks to Robert Scoble for pointing it out.

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