27 février 2004

Stupid PR pitch

We've all heard of stupid pitches made by PR reps to journalists. Most of the time it's because a story is off-topic or because it really isn't newsworthy, sometimes it's because it's right on a journalist's deadline.

This one is funny in another way. This time, it isn't a story pitch, it's a business pitch. A PR agency that will remain nameless (although you might follow the link to find out who they are) pitched their services to Om Malik.

What's wrong with that, you ask? Mr. Malik is a freelance journalist who covers the broadband industry and a blogger! He wonders why would he need PR services (and if he did, if he would hire this particular agency) in a post aptly headlined Really Dumb PR People. The funniest part of the pitch reads:

Please Note: This email was sent because we have legitimate reason to believe that your business would benefit from our services.

By the way (nameless PR agency), something tells me that if you ever pitch Mr. Malik for a story, he won't be very impressed.

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