25 février 2004

Disinfopedia - Another PR campaign against PR

PR Watch and the Center for Media & Democracy ride again. Yep, the authors of Toxic Sludge is good are at it again, bashing the PR industry.

Their most recent project is called Disinfopedia. It seems that this has been online for almost a year although I just learned about it today.

Quoting Disinfopedia's FAQ:

Disinfopedia is a project that uses "Wiki"-based collaborative editing (ed. note: a type of collaborative software) to produce a free, comprehensive guide to the public relations firms, front groups, and industry-friendly experts that attempt to manipulate public opinion. A number of individuals and organizations have previously attempted to compile similar guides and directories, but the sheer number of ever-changing PR campaigns and front groups has prevented anyone from developing a comprehensive list.

Notice that the only ones who attempt to "manipulate public opinion" are on the "industry-friendly" side. I guess that PR experts, front groups and experts on the industry-adverse side (I guess we have to call them) aren't attempting to manipulate public opinion.

Now I'll admit that some PR undertaken by different companies and/or industry lobbies have p*ssed me off in the past because of their disingenuousness but the exact same thing can be said about campaigns undertaken by so-called activists of various stripes.

If I had four words to share with the people responsible they would be "Propaganda goes both ways."

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