4 octobre 2006

Miami Herald Publisher Resigns

Une autre nouvelle qui n'est pas susceptible de nous (re)donner confiance dans les médias traditionnels (mainstream media ou MSM): Miami Herald Publisher Resigns
The Miami Herald's publisher resigned Tuesday after coming under pressure for firing three journalists at its Spanish-language sister paper who were paid to appear on U.S.-government broadcasts(...)
Mais plutôt que d'admettre son erreur et celle de ses journalistes, il affirme que:
(...) the ethics policies (...) were "ambiguously communicated, inconsistently applied and widely misunderstood."
Come on, me semble que le fait que les journalistes n'acceptent pas d'argent (autre que leur salaire, bien sûr), c'est la base!

1 commentaire:

Bob a dit...

Apparently, the Herald also neglected to tell employees:

* Don't tug on Superman's cape
* Don't spit into the wind
* Don't pull off the mask of the ol' Lon e Ranger
* Don't mess around with Jim.

Can you say "obvious"?