8 novembre 2004

"This is the Way. This is Nortel."

By way of Business Wire, we learn this morning that Nortel has:

  • launched a global branding initiative
  • focusing on the uture
  • that kicks off with an ad campaign.

If I can be very clear about what I think of this initiative, this is stupid.

Couldn't you guys start by getting your financial act together? You still haven't restated your 2001 results! To say nothing, obviously, about every other result since. Just last month, you had to announce, with significant egg on your face, that you would "not be in a position to file financial statements by the end of October 2004 as previously announced."

"The Company now expects that it and NNL will file, in mid November 2004, financial statements for the year 2003 and the first and second quarters of 2004, and related periodic reports."

We'll see next week what comes of it.

Credits for the campaign go to The Richards Group out of Dallas.

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