9 novembre 2004

Rupert Goodwins and promotional t-shirts

Tell us what you really think there Rupert.

Let me start over. Rupert Goodwins is a columnist at ZDNet UK. In his latest comment, he skewers a PR agency for sending out a media release printed on a t-shirt. Yes that's right, printed on, not accompanied by.

We' ve had some daft things through the post here.
(Note: that means the mail.)
A couple of years ago around this time, we got a set of loose fireworks as part of a PR campaign. We're not sure how legal that is -- oh, who are we kidding, we know exactly how illegal that is. But the office is festooned with cuddly chameleons, stuffed penguins, comedy hats, half-empty bottles (they don't stay that way for long), novelty mouse mats, novelty mice, half-full USB key drives (this year's toy of choice) and many other PR gizmos ranging from useful to tasteless.

T-shirts are a perennial favourite. The best ones are big, black and have discrete logos -- which is why most of them are small, white, festooned with ugly designs and useful only as underwear. However, I have in front of me what must be the least good idea in promotional T-shirts. Ever.
The least good idea? (How about the worst idea?) Anyways, does anyone know any worse idea in promotional t-shirts?

If so, email me or leave a comment.

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