3 novembre 2004

Post-electoral quotes

From Doc Searls in The New Florida:

(To) the heartland, Bush is Reagan. The vast red states are more than metaphor. They're the country. The intellectuals — including, I would guess, most of us here in the blogosphere — are the fringe. We're a minority that did about the best it could do, considering. We tried to "take back" the country. But it wasn't there for the taking.
From Zogby:

“We feel strongly that our pre-election polls were accurate on virtually every state. Our predictions on many of the key battleground states like Ohio and Florida were within the margin of error. I thought we captured a trend, but apparently that result didn’t materialize.

“We always saw a close race, and a close race is what we’ve got. I’ve called this the Armageddon Election for some time—a closely-divided electorate with high partisan intensity on each side."
And that, my friends, is spin.

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