15 mars 2006

Edelman and blogging

In this post, Mitch comments on an article in the New York Observer quoting Richard Edelman.

Partial quote:
‘It used to be I would schmooze you and I was your flack,’ Edelman said. ‘Today, if we want to get a message into the public's conversation, we just make a post on a blog.’
Mitch concludes with a comment and question:
I’m not sure if Edelman truly believes this or if he’s just listening to the whispers in his ear from [Micropersuasion’s Steve] Rubel (who is now employed at Edelman).

In the end, let’s just hope that the PR world takes these words seriously, because their client’s customers definitely are.

I'm certain Edelman truly believes this. Here's the transcript of Edelman on CNN's Reliable Sources on Sunday.

In addition, his pro-blogging comments predate Steve's hiring by quite a while. In fact, Edelman's passion for blogging is probably something that contributed to Steve's accepting the job.

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