25 octobre 2004

Donovan Bailey makes me blog for the first time in months

In fact, it's this story this story on Yahoo! that made me do it.
TORONTO (CP) - Donovan Bailey (news - web sites), former world's fastest human, is taking a run at corporate networking, public relations and business development as vice-president of Sparrowtech Multimedia Corp.
Now the fact that Donovan Bailey "has a keen interest in corporate relations" is fine with me. I'm sure it's maybe even true. But when Sparrowtech Multimedia head honcho Cornelia Volino says that his new vice-president "is well respected in the national and international business community" I really feel like gaging.

What a way to undermine the value of my chosen profession.

Edit #1: Just found Sparrowtech's release and it isn't much better:
Sparrowtech is currently in the design and development stage of a premier national and international servicing vehicle with effective cross media platforms featuring leading edge hospitality networking, products and resources.
And no, I'm not exactly sure what it means either.

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