2 août 2010

Je suis tanné des guéguerres entre groupes médiatiques

Je compte plusieurs journalistes comme amis. J'en considère plusieurs autres comme étant talentueux et professionnelles.

Mais j'ai mon voyage des journalistes du quasi-consortium Gesca/Radio-Canada qui utilisent les médias sociaux pour bitcher ceux de l'empire Quebecor. Et vice versa bien sûr. La seule chose sur laquelle tous s'entendent, c'est sur leur jugement (critique) de la radio-poubelle de l'autre bout de la 20 (qu'ils ont rarement écouté, par ailleurs).

À quand un journaliste québécois qui signerait quelque chose comme le papier de Howard Kurtz dans le Washington Post de ce matin?

The nastiness index keeps on rising, and all of us are getting sullied in the process.

Media outlets, which once merely chronicled this era of hyper-partisanship, now seem to be both the purveyors and often the targets of ugly attacks. (...)

It's journalism as blood sport, performed for the masses.

To say this atmosphere is troubling is to risk being pilloried for defending the old regime against a New Media Order, which comes equipped with a new mission (...).

The news business, aloof from criticism for far too long, should absolutely be held accountable. These days, though, the constant swirl of accusations, the charges of bias and personal perfidy, have tarred even those who are working hard to be fair.

No media person is perfect, including me, but I cling to the belief that facts matter. That, however, is in danger of becoming an old-fashioned view, along with the virtue of calling people for comment before you unload on them. (Too slow, why wait, let them deny the charge later.) Instead, the toxic atmosphere that many media outlets tolerate, and sometimes foster, is slowly poisoning the discourse, for us and, yes, for you. (...)

L'article complet intitulé In journalism's crossfire culture, everyone gets wounded est ici. Est-ce que mes amis journalistes vont le lire?

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