30 novembre 2005

Federal election (day 2)

Two pieces of news:

  • There'll be four debates. Two in English and two in French. One of each before and after the holidays (Dec. 15-16 and Jan. 9-10). Contrary to the last debates, this time they will be using closed mikes, reducing the cross-talk from the last ones. Something tells me that the first one will have been forgotten by the time we vote.
  • CBC reports that "Skeptical public makes polling tougher." Seems people don't answer pollsters as much as they used to. They are now sometimes getting less than 10% answer rates which obviously screws up their demographics. Another thing that they'll have to start taking into account is the fact that more and more younger Canadians don't have a land-line telephone (they use only their cell phone) and the phone book is where pollsters take their raw data.

I'll try to point out a couple of things like this daily until January 23. Wish me luck.

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