15 décembre 2004

More Roadsworth

I spoke with Helen Fotopulos earlier today and just got off the phone with someone on her staff.

The feeling I'm getting is that she is very concerned about the whole Roadsworth issue and is looking into ways of fixing the situation.

I told her how my feeling was that these accusations make no sense. That being said, my conversation with her did make me think about some of the constraints that the City has to manage that I hadn't thought about.
  • What do you accept and what can you not accept? Can you write rules to manage these issues? (Think about it, can you really?)
  • How do you differientiate between graffiti and art? Or, when do graffitis besome art? (I know it's pretty clear in this instance.)
  • If there are issues with safety, what do you do?
  • Can the city intervene in police affairs? If so, when and how?
Bottom line, I'm not sure what the City is going to do about this but I do know that Helen is preoccupied and understands the difference between Roadsworth's art and someone "scratching his name into storefront windows." My understanding is that she (as well as the mayor) will be reacting to the questions sooner rather than later.

I'll keep you up to date if I Learn anything else.

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