13 juin 2005

Comment rebâtir la confiance dans les organisation canadiennes (Rebuilding Trust in Canadian Organizations)

C'est en train de devenir le thème du jour :)

Le Conference Board du Canada a publié un rapport intitulé Rebuilding Trust in Canadian Organizations.

La version courte:
Public opinion surveys have warned of a decline in levels of public trust. Although the extent of the decline is open to debate, such skepticism is troubling.

This report examines the reasons for low levels of public trust. It concludes that organizations can best rebuild public trust by enhancing their own trustworthiness, and provides concrete suggestions on how this can be done.

This approach alone, however, is not sufficient. Trust intermediaries, such as journalists, auditors, editors, financial analysts and others, play a critical role in enabling trust in our society. The public has also lost confidence in these traditional sources of information and verification, and this will need to be addressed if a more general strengthening of public trust in organizations is to be brought about.
Il faut s'enregistrer (gratuitement) pour avoir accès au texte complet, un PDF de 43 pages.

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