27 octobre 2005

Why Corporate Blogs Are Boring (and How to Fix Them)

Publish.com has an article titled Why Corporate Blogs Are Boring (and How to Fix Them) where Shel Israel, co-author with Robert Scoble of 'Naked Conversations' (to be published in January) is interviewed.

Many interesting things in there including:
I would say that (our book) is the first to focus on the how and why of why business people should blog(...)

PR practitioners are in a change or die situation. Many of them—like Neville Hobson, Richard Edelman and Steve Rubel—are poster children for a new PR where the practice is to facilitate rather than keep secure the gate. Many others remain clueless, and I see a future for them in the restaurant service industry.
And above all:
Our book actually ends by saying that blogs are just a tool...
I don't know about the promo part. I'm really not sure about all of the examples of PR practionners. But I'm absolutely certain that last quote is right on the money.
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